Fed Up With My Face

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I'm trying so hard to glow up before school and I've just realized how uncomfortable I am with my own face. I can't stand my asymmetrical face. I can't stand my stubborn monolids. I don't want to spend investments on products like lash serum and double eyelid glue. I'm so fed up with my face and I spend too much time in front of the mirror that it's starting to interfere with my schedule.All of my problems are fixable over time, ex. I can get braces to fix my asymmetrical face and my crossbite teeth, and there is always "training your eyelids" which is wearing double eyelid glue/tape for 22 hours a day for 3 months for permanent change. I'm quite young still and I can't stand my face.I know society is based all off of "love yourself", and "embrace who you are", but most of society still compares everyone and I can't help but think others are comparing me.