feel numb

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a view minutes ago, me and my sister was fight. She always said " No body loved you" " When you die bitch?" " Your voice its not that good ( btw i like to singand i want to be a singer), " Every body it's talking behind you and you know your friend, family, every body its hate you " " Stupid" " Fat", etc and you know she always broke my things when she angry. I know my english is sooo bad. Actually i don't really care if everybody hate me cause since i was kid my family always said that im just a stupid little girl, i can't do everything and my family always underestimate even after i win the competition. Now when my sister slap me, yell at me i don't feel anything. I want to cry but i want to laughing at the same time. Deep in my heart.. i want to kill her... no... or maybe i'll kill myself like she wish before?