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Feeling alone

parents or lover

ohhh god fully messy life ..what to do ,how I’m gonna handle this situation don’t knw. Guys please suggest me wht to do

want to die want to be happy want to be fly like birds...

from a orthodox family I’m the only girl who is thinking still parents will change their thinking 🤔 ,i hv 14 yrs of relationship yahh n I knew it before this situation will come, without tear can’t sleep not even single night.papa is heart patient and too much strict in love matter he will never accept now I cannot help for myself..ohh god why I’m in so much love .not able to choose among two person.why always a girl hv to face this type of situation..papa loves me very much ,before asking anything he gave everything to me .after financial problem also he nvr told I cannot give this that,always supported after b-tech I haven’t join anywhere i knw i did too much time pass although he supported and now due to corona I lost my job and at same night my bf told me that let’s make distance it’s good for you ,u can decide what u want and whatever your decision I’ll respect.when i was in btech 1st yr I explained everything but that time he used to tell when time will come will see why you are wasting current time ..now it’s too much damn I cannot stay without him . Now my father health condition is not good he is getting tensn for my mrg .but I’m sure that I’ll nvr happy with another person but not able to express my feelings in front of my parents, my mom knows everything but she is pretending like she doesn’t know anything..life sucks... don’t want to live in this world want to die next time I’ll tell my love story

thanks at least I can write anything what I want