Feeling Alone & In Pain

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I feel like I'm destined to be single my entire life. I've only ever dated one person and it ended in disaster. For a number of reasons, both reasons that can be attributed to me and some that can be attributed to society in general, I've never had any success in dating. I see younger people I know happily married and think about how I long for companionship. Im "OK" with being alone, but doesn't mean I like it.

I also feel like I'm destined to be in some kind of "uncomfortable state" on and off for the rest of my life. In the last year, I've never felt 100 percent. I'm not saying I'm sick or in any grave pain, I'm not. Just those kinda.. dull pains that persist and you can't really do much about and they never go away. No, I would never kill myself or harm myself...

But I just get depressed sometimes even though I have a great job and hobby I love.

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