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Feeling confined

I am a closet agnostic-atheist, asexual and aromantic female who does not want kids. I have not told anyone in my life that I am this person because I know of the looks I will get and the questions and the preceeding "conversion" to be on the "right path" that suits their understanding of the "nature of things", except for not wanting kids to a few people to gauge their response. And what do you know - acted exactly as I expected. I honestly am hurt by the conservative and closed-minded restrictions that are forced on people who identifies as what I identify. The society I live in will mock, question, convert, discriminate such individuals.

I also don't feel safe as a woman, I can't do things freely and I have to constantly be on my guard in whatever I do, which makes me wish I were male. Not because I'm trans, but because I want the freedom and opportunities a man gets, no questions asked.

Not to mention, I don't know what I want to do with life. I hate office culture and the country I live in discriminates its gender and racial minority so even government agencies won't work as well.

Oh, and I am also a bit depressed. Sometimes, very depressed. I am also occasionally suicidal. Never told a soul about this. I guess I feel this way cause of all the accumulated issues of experiencing and learning of the bullshit that people endure. Sometimes I am angered by the bigotry and society's fallacy of it all.

Now I'm just tired. On occasion I would be discouraged or mad or both, with all of this, but I still feel tired. I wish I could just end the damn world sometimes, but I guess that'd be selfish. Hah...

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Re: Feeling confined

Hi, also a agnostic, hahaha.

Look I know that no one really can understand how others manage their emotions, and how they feel, but I can tell ya, that even if you feel like you are alone, you are not alone, you just have to searh harder and you will eventually find people that really care from you, if your family does not appreciate you, screw them, if your "friends" do not respect how do you feel, screw them, you don't deserve too feel like these based on how they reacted, you are really important and beatiful, no matters what others say on how you should behaved because is what is expected, search online for comunities that can support you, or try to search people that will respect ya and treat ya kindly, because they really like you, as an example my best friend was trilled thiking I would stop talking to him for just being homosexual, because lots of people had already done it, but I'll never base how I have to treat others form how the feel, and we've been friends from almost 8 years nonstop, you'll eventually find someone like my friend and lots of people had, never let your sight on the world be blinded from what a small group did, ok?

You are important Queen, or Just Royalty if you don't like being treated as female, i don't want to assum, You are Special!

-XOXO from a MexicaN Schizo Bro.