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Feeling Guilt

I’m 38. My husband and I have been married 16 years with no children. He had an affair in September. In Mid-November we separated so I moved in with one of my girlfriend. She has a steady boyfriend then in early December they invited me to go out with them to a private club. I hesitated at first but decided I needed to move on so I went. We had dinner and a few drinks then the band started. A younger guy quickly asked me to dance so I accepted. I enjoyed spending the time with him so when he wanted to know if he could give me a call sometime I gave him my number. The next week he called inviting me to take a drive with him on Saturday. We drove out in the country to an area where his family owned some land and went hiking. When we returned to the car he kissed me. We ended up making out then ended up having sex. We drove home agreeing to get together again. A few days later he came over for dinner at my friend’s place which was nice. The following week my husband called wanting to talk and we met. After along conversation we agreed to get back together to try and work things out. I moved back in the Sunday after Christmas My period was due on that Monday but it didn’t come so I’m now 10 days late. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test but I’m sure I am. There’s not much doubt who’s it is since my husband and I didn’t do anything until New Years when I was already 5 days late. I guess I just need to be honest with him and see what he wants to do. I don’t want to abort it because I’ve always wanted a child. I’m sure I’ll have a decision to make.