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Feeling guilty!!!

Hey guys,

Today, 21st July 2020, I am feeling guilty for the lies and mess created by me, myself. Sometimes you owe things to people and you have to go their way round and something similar happened with me.

My friends, Nitesh Sharma and Tanmay Ahuja (Names being changed) and I met an accident on the night of 20th July 2020. My friend Nitesh is not able to get up and in a sort of state of coma, I, myself have some 4-5 fractures and a pending surgery and the other friend Tanmay who is particularly in a better position than both of us. All of this is actually faked by us.

I want to confess that these were not created by me and I have been involved just because I owed them big time. Some people came to know about this and started sending me “Get Well Soon” texts. I countered to my friends about this that I can’t take it further but again when you owe something you have to go their way.

What will happen if all of this comes out? People will blame me for everything. But it wasn’t me, then why the hell me?

They actually had to create a mess like this to get out of something and thats the reason I supported them. But when they shared the story they also took my name into it. I am being forced to lie to my friends, my people who believe in me.

I confronted them and all I got was do this and you wont owe anything. A good deal I thought and I did. But it is so pathetic to lie to the people who love you. I am feeling guilty, really guilty.

I know I have always entertained you all with all the fun but today I really want your help to get out of this shit. I am not feeling good and who can feel good after this?

To all of them showing their concern I am really sorry that you have to go through all of this. All I can say right now is I am sorry but I just want to get rid of this.

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Re: Feeling guilty!!!

Well, what has happened has happened. You can't change it now can you? But if you can come clean about it with your parents it'd be better. No need to tell everyone but just your parents. They kinda have a right to know coz it's they who are actually worried for you and spending on your treatment! I hope you make the right decision!