feeling like the bad guy.. but am I?

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I was emotionally open with my close partner of two years, but including my anger problems that caused me to call her names and things and stupid arguments that I shouldn't have gotten into. but tword the end we decided to "take a break". I agreed since I've been knowing for ages that something needed to be done with my anger but that same day I was logging out of everything that was hers since yknow needed it to be myself, but then stumbled upon texts to my friend about how much she misses him and love him!? given that is the only thing that I could see they where hiding it behind my back for months!! but who is right here? its not like I was always mean I watched countless shows w her, played countless games and didn't get mad at her when things where out of her control most of the time. dealt with her family and her drunk mom making her watch her younger sister half the time when I was on the phone? do two wrongs really not make a right? did I deserved to get led on for months while I had her over and told her my insecurities and spent 140$ to get her a new pair of headphones? What if I didn't find that text?! just have me thinking I could get her back and then just say "im fucking your best friend " and leave?! What kind of evil person does that?? ps. she also made a Netflix account mocking me a few days after I found out she was cheating forcing me to change countless passwords.

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