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Feeling Lonely

My dad passed away 3 years ago. I was still young, and it hadnt really hit me then. Its really starting to get to me recently and I feel like im drowning but nobody can really tell. My mums having to work really hard for us, leaving me feeling like i cant do anything to help. Covid hasnt made it any easier. Im currently in a lockdown and i cant even see any of my friends, the people who make me feel like everything will be okay. Im not depressed, but i feel like im just not in the best mental state. I hope eveyrone else on here is having a great christmas, and i not, it gets better i promise. <3

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Re: Feeling Lonely

So sorry to hear about Dad passing :( Im wonderin if my Mom (81) passing back in July, will be any less painful at the 3 yr mark? Im noticing I feel differently as time goes by though.I thought that being MUCH older at 60, would make a difference when I facing this inevitable time in life....it didnt...Its good ya know about depression and know this time of yr, seeks out many. Knowing how to head it off, before it "stays" is key. I take alotta extra D3, B6,B12 and Ester C and certain amino acids that can help these hormonals stay at a good level during the holiday blues... I know Moms often will feel like they wanna handle everything, it was my moms nature to do that as well.. She even bought my SHOES (most clothes) my whole life till her dying day.(yeah... im a guy..LOL).My dad is like your mom, though he's 84, He still feels like HE has to handle everything but I help out in any way I can to lessen the burden..Its changes ya doesnt it?.. Some ways good , in a odd way, some ways NOT so good..Anyway, just wanted to chime in a relate to your article and share a bit.. Hope you and Mom can still have a some holiday cheer comin up!