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Feeling numb

I used to be such a happy girl so happy to be here with lots of friends and nothing really wrong but as I’ve got older I’m now struggling to hold on so many more problems I’m now facing,, family member’s in hospital,, bad grades,, stopping eating and being sick,,loosing people and most of all loosing myself, when I mean I’m loosing myself I mean I don’t know who I am anymore I never used to be like this I never felt l angry hurt and depressed all at once. Like I wanna go on a big walk in the middle of the night and not returning and just forgetting my worries and leaving the world insecuritys and worries behind but I can laugh and fake a smile at school but recently I’ve tried so hard to hide it but it’s not working anymore I’m breaking day by day I find myself after school breaking down and I have to make sure my parents don’t know what’s wrong and at night it’s harder I sit in silence listening to my household sleeping and me just trying to cover my mouth so they won’t hear me crying it seems like I can’t do anything right but I’m a nice person even when nobody asks if I’m okay I make sure there okay because all my friends even if there not my mates anymore I’ll give the world for them to be happy because I’m that type of person. But I’m struggling I really am I I feel so so numb of feelings but at the same time if I let go I wouldn’t be able to stop crying idk what’s wrong with me I need someone to talk to anc tell me what’s wrong with me because honestly idk what’s happened to that happy girl I can’t do this anymore