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Feeling sad

I have been dealing with a lot last year I went through a really bad break up that really sent me spiralling into my feelings of depression and then I found someone who made me feel better about myself well my mom saw that I was starting to get better and that I wanted to start moving out and live on my own (I'm 20 years old) and she didn't like the idea of me becoming more independent so she lied to my partners parents telling them that I was crazy and mentally unstable and that I needed help which made things harder for me on top of the fact that his parents are very racist and believe that there race is more superior then any other race well my mom lying and them being racist has caused a lot of problems with them 1 trying to control me and making me feel like crap all the time and like I can't do anything right and like I'm always being judges and not only do they feel this way they don't believe me when I tell them things that actually happened and calls me stuff like a liar and trash and says that it's no excuse to lie and act the way I do because I didn't have a caring mother growing up and they throw my mom's lies at me even though I have done nothing wrong and I do everything I can to make sure I'm 'respecting them' and if I stand up for myself or my partner and I tell them how they are or what they are doing I am considered disrespectful and like I'm the bad guy and they thing they assume I'm lying about is the fact my partners father sexually assaulted me and then lied about it to cover it up