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Feeling worthless

All the guys I had a thing with, towards the end have treated me like:

I'll let her keep texting me and ignore her until she's bored of it ..

I feel so low because of it, it's not like it happened once ..

Now I'm starting to feel like everything is wrong with me..

Even the person I didn't expect such thing from did it like that.. and it's sort of devastating ..

Am I even not worthy of a reply .. am I that unimportant ? I don't ask for too much.. it's not money or gold or something they can't afford, it's just a reply, it's just a consolation, it's just a joke...

Is it too much?

I feel horrible that it gets to that and that it works, I text in hope they'd reply and they ignore in hope I'd stop

I dont think I'm gonna trust anyone anymore, no matter how much I'll like them, I'll never let someone in again like that .. even the ones who earned my trust broke it.. I dont think anyone is worthy of it or of me

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6 months ago

Re: Feeling worthless

hey,yeah alot of peeps can be reall assholes,they don't understand how hurtfull it all can be for someone.but there is nothing wrong with you trust me.they should be happy that someone is so eager to text or call and to know that there is a person that would be there for them in time of need.believe me your not worthless nor is there anything wrong with you,i had the same happen a few times and i know how you feel truly i do.your just someone thats more open and mature and yeah there are bad apples in the world but trust me not everyone is like that and there are good guys out there.i really hope that you'll find someone that doesn't act like a compleet dickhead and that you'll find happiness.kind regards.