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feels bad man..

im a broke college student with no working car so no way to visit my boyfriend. he always says he misses me and stuff but whenever i ask him to come visit me it's ALWAYS and automatic no. im only an hour away and he doesn't work often. im a junior in college now and have been living here since i started college and he hasn't visited me once. he's upset with me now because i can't come visit him this weekend, even though ive seen him almost every other weekend since moving here. he starting to make me feel like im a failure and everything's my fault

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Re: feels bad man..

Here is my advice to you miss i provided resources to someone who was in much of a similar situation as you this is what i stated and take it with a open mind.

why not apply for scholarships ,grants and do student work go to federal aid and see if you qualify. i know many grant sources but BE AWARE THERE ARE SCAM WEBSITES OUT THERE THAT WILL FISH FOR PAYMENT GOVERNMENT WEBSITES WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO PAY ONLY SCAM SITES WILL DO THAT THAT CLAIM THERE A GOVERNMENT SOURCE.

my advice is finish your college education in something your passionate about college education opens more doors than a job that pays piss little money grants.gov ,scholarships.com, http://grants.com/federal-grants-for-women,https://www.templeton.org/grants/apply-for-grant,

https://www.fraud.org/government_grants this website tells you which ones are fraud. bls.gov gives you a description of jobs,careers etc check it out

it sounds like your partner is making no attempt to come and visit YOU and HE does not have the right to be distraught at you YOU should be distraught with HIM if HE is aware that your auto-mobile is not functioning properly why can't HE make the effort to come and see you and show his understanding and support to your situation? and one nothing is your fault my dear he is showing lack of support and you should be the one to ask him why can he not visit if he is making excuses then something else is not sitting right in the equation of your relationship even i can see what is really wrong.