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fellow lgbt pls hel p

tbh i dont even know anymore. Like, I like being called a girl and referred to as 'she'. It makes me feel so pretty and confident. But, I also like it when im called a boy and referred to as a 'he'. It makes me feel manly and handsome. I also like being referred to as 'they/them'. I feel so mysterious and cool.

but y tho. im so confuse d what am i. am i a girl? a guy? both?? neither?? help??????

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4 months ago

Re: fellow lgbt pls hel p

I feel quite a similar way and I’ve found that the way I prefer to identify is genderfluid or genderqueer, if you have a safe space at home consider trying this out and let people know, that way they can refer to you correctly. My friends call me by an entirely different name and they address me as it fits for the scenario or how I’m feeling, this may help you, sorry if it doesn’t!