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I lost my virginity when i was 14 years old to a older guy who had his own car, it was in his friends unit and i think maybe it might have even been his bed we got walked in on, when it was done i showered and had some abdominal pain and bleeding the guy suddenly burst into the bathroom with the stained sheets in his hand telling me to wash them fast i was in shock and felt a little afraid and vulnerable so started to cry he was so sweet his facial expression softened and he helped me out of the shower turned wrapped the towel around me and said for me to just sit for a minute and breathe while he scrubbed at the bedsheets, i watched him slowly regaining my composer's and so started to dry and dress my self felling like i was having an outa body experience because i didnt feel like me. Some thing happened i freaked and ran out. Never saw him again i guess it was a one night stand.