Females are a protected class

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We are a protected class, period. If the establishment continues to push us, we push back. Some of these companies gotta go. Society is about what XY wants and XY needs, but never about what XX needs, we need a revolution. The government is funding surgeries for gender bending, and not giving support to single mothers or pay raises. Its time to sue them for that. They have crossed the line in the government. We need to demand European standards to baby leave, 7 months PAID!!!! But no, they rather give un-needed surgeries that effect our rights as GENETIC WOMEN!! You might get a month or two here.


A MAN IS A MAN THIS COLD WORLD!!!!! With or without the wig, until things are EVEN, then we can talk. Respect is deserved, period. They have given no respect, so they get none!!!!

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