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Females please. Penetration Phobia

So, I found out recently I have anxiety when it comes to penetration. I dont know how it started but all I know is I've tried to penetrate myself and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I've received oral before and had to fake moan to get the guy away from my vaginal hole. I'm 18 and still use pads during my cycle because I cant bring myself to use a tampon. I want to lose my virginity and have sex but I have a huge amount of anxiety about it. I haven't been to the gynecologist yet but that also scares me because one, I'm exposed to a stranger but I also know if they have to go inside me, im going to freak out. I've had multiple thoughts of just walking in the dark and someone attacking me and raping me so I won't have to worry about being anxious and scared of being penetrated. I know that's horrible, but idk what else to do.

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Re: Females please. Penetration Phobia

Just wait honey! Don’t force yourself to do something so important especially if you feel seriously scared like that. Listen to your body, your heart, and your head. If it doesn’t feel right just leave it alone for a while. One step at a time. I was scared of penetration too. I was 19 when I finally decided to do it. I literally was just really curious. I masterbated plenty of times before then but I just really wanted to know what penetration felt like. Partly cause of friends stories and partly cause of hormones lol. It wasn’t planned and after I did it wasn’t as scary as I thought. To be honest it did hurt. The couple of times after that too. Definitely not pleasurable but I conquered my fear. I still am a little weird about sex. I’m 21 now. I prefer clit stimulating rather then penetrating & I think that’s okay.