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Anyone know fgg got one Chinese girl, wear specs, 155-160cm height, takde lah cantik sangat but her face slay me very very much u know what I mean... sometimes I saw her wearing baju kurung. black colour backpack and wearing silver watch. Purple colour Tupperwar. My friends said she very smart oh, everytime sem test she never fail one. Pernah saw her at gym. Biceps and triceps damn big oh... If I'm not mistaken, she got a tattoo on her left arm. Last time I saw her was that time all of us were ask to go back and take our stuff but that time I tak sempat to ask for her contact so....Does she have a boyfriend? Anyone know her name? or maybe you guys can help me with her instagram or facebook. Tq

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  • Bro ig @yingru.tan but 0 post not so active. I dun think she plays Facebook but I con9lan7form she is single. btw what do you mean by takdelah cantik sangat? Huh? @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan @yingru.tan