Financial Struggles

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I’m struggling so hard financially and there’s no help in sight. I need medications, doctor visits, and of course BILLS. For years I’ve had to put my bills over my health and now that I have no money left I still have to find a way. I haven’t been to the doctors in years yet I’m in pain everyday. I’m in debt and any income I get goes to these blood suckers. I wish I had the gall to just stop paying bills and focus on my health like some people do but I can’t. I pay whatever I can off my bills which is usually the bare minimum and then I cry because of the pain and debt I’m in. Money truly is one of the roots of all evil. Either you have it or you don’t and if you don’t good luck living. So much for assistance during these hard times as well, THAT IS A JOKE. Student loan sharks still after blood, good ole government.