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first love things

 I met my long lost friend on insta after 12 years and he confessed to me that he liked me back then but since i transferred school in grade 3 we never met after that.... all these years he searched me up everywhere on social media tried getting my contact number or address but failed because I shifted from there and kind of disappeared from everywhere. as a teen I was away from social media as well .

another common friend of us whom also I met after so many years on social media proved it for me sending me some screenshots of their chats about me in these years as I couldn't believe it bcz this is something that happens in novels only. i was kind of happy to know it .

BUT the thing is now both of us are dating different people . he has been in relationship for 11 months now and i am dating for 3 years now. he admitted the fact that he regrets losing contact with me else in some parallel world it would have been us dating without any second thought.

i don't know this flutters my heart. although both of us know our limits and we wont do anything wrong to our partners. but i don't know if this weird feeling is normal or i have lost my conscience .

now we do communicate as friends but sometimes he does flirt with me unknowingly i mean it kind of slips through from him but then apologize for it . i cant understand what he feels and also i don't know what i am thinking right now . though he says he loves his gf alot and i love my man too....i don't know if this is right..i am ashamed of myself to feel like this.

he says that he is responsible for his current relationship but wont also forget his first love that was purely out of childhood emotions when he didn't even know what attraction is and somewhere back of his mind he regrets loosing me to someone else.

i don't know what exactly he feels about me now...i think its all in the past now ....i must be just a memory of love to him now but i don't know if am i doing wrong to feel so . someone please tell me i don't want to be like this.

its not like i feel this way for when every other boy confesses to me. its just that this is beyond my imagination and kind of fairy tale. i know he is much sensible since he is in military and is a man of his words. but i am totally messed up right now . WHAT IS THIS STRANGE FEELING