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Flush it out!

You ever feel that everyone you know is pouring their negatavity onto you. Their hate, their dislike, their concerns, their worries and their judgement. How do I run away. Where do I go with all this negativity. Who do I unload on. They say distract yourself. Think of something else. But how, when every minute you're acting is someone's punching bag. Who is your punching bag and where should the punching bag go. How should he make room for more of your negativity. Where is the release or move to trash mutton for my negativity. I'm worthless, don't meet society standards, not good enough, not think, not talk, not not not. Where do I go. Who should I got and empty feelings infront of. I did I have one person, she loved me and I too loved her to bits. But cancer took her away. She used to understand, support and show me the way. She was my safe place. And now I'm here looking for my safe place amongst you. I thought of cutting myself but I realised it'll only get more ppl to pour out their anger and negativity onto me. I wanna know where to go, where to flush it all out.