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ok that title literally is fucked up i know.

just wanna ask,

is there anything like suicide opportunist?

like i dont think i have depression at all, lifes good as heck im playing game like usual im talking to people like normal.

just now.

just now. i self-harmed myself which i never thought of it before. i didnt bleed but my knuckles might bruise later.

and the cause of it? my father. he just got mad at me because i didnt do what he wanted fast. like the fuck? im fucking sensitive when i get scolded UNREASONABLY, BY HIM.

he is the trigger.

so because i was so fucking sensitive. i was fucking angry for being scolded unreasonably, i fucking cursed at him mentally. and i knew this whole thing if fucked up. now im typing in the very corner of my dark room, shielding myself from people with a chair behind me.

fuck my life im so angry at myself for being unreasonably emotional i fucking hate myself for being sensitive with the figure called father, over a fucking unreasonable reason. fml