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did you ever feel so irritated on yourself it got to the point where you would cry your eyes out, scream on your lungs, overthinking things that aren't possible but possible you'll get ifykyk, felt times like you didn't do much but you're so freakin' tired that you just wanna sleep forever, feeling the energy of not a single person wants you, hug you, kiss you, get lost with you. life is so fucking confusing its the most painful thing to think about when you have this singe question that's in your head for forever now but can't let it out because of you have no idea what the heck is the freakin' answer and can't let it out cause you know no ones wouldn't able to answer it either, btw whoever made this site you're a fucking genius anyway, how to kill myself without hurting my mom. @kindworld.ricaxlei I'm fucked if someone I know saw this but we're all gonna die so bye.