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Foolish Haters of Reservation in India

My real question would be is how many upper caste people are willing to marry freely and consider SC and ST people as their equals? Will a Brahmin Boy marry a Dailit girl of same qualifications and economic status? Caste is not in the class you are it is entwined in the mindset of Indians from Childhood. Ambedkar clearly saw this evil and did what's best without creating a physical divide in this nation. Tell me one sanitary worker from upper caste. I heard of upper caste sanitary workers cleaning toilets used by upper caste people. Caste still remains in India and is not spoken openly in cities. But in villages it's a daily conversation. Open the matrimonial page in a news paper, look at all the caste based requirements parents post. It sickens me to my bones to see that. And here they are trying to pluck out the bud before it has blossomed. Yes the creamy layer is the final bud that is about to blossom and pollinate thereby creating a better species of Dalits who will be ready to take on this oppression with more knowledge, money and unity. 

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Re: Foolish Haters of Reservation in India

Dude, i agree people still consider caste for marriage and that is completely wrong. But i am also an upper caste person and i dont care who i marry, and my parents wont too. But reservation is because lower caste people apparently dont get equal job and admission opportunities, and that is wrong in today's era. That must have happened in the 1940s and 50s, but today no one cares if the person in a job is of any caste, provided that they are hard workers.

Secondly, if you dont know, BR Ambedkar had himself said that resevation should be there only for 10 years , ie from 1950 to 1960, but our successive govts provided it forever, and the reason isnt because they care, but because lower castes are the vote bank of India.

There are certain cases of people misusing their rights here, for example, a reserved caste teacher once blackmailed the principal(who belonged to general category) into letting him leave early and not coming on many days, and if the principal reported this, he would file a complaint against the principal, for calling him words "offensive " to his caste.Also, 2 years ago, the supreme court said that the protect the people in such misused allegations, their would be an investigation first before arresting the person accused, and what did you people do then, you protested by destroying public prpoerty, trains, buses and even private property. And the govt, they once again overruled this decision of the court to get your votes

The reservation gives you more seats even if you score less. In IITs, the most prestigious institutions of India, which are so difficult to get into, do you know what the cut off for SC and ST were? they were (-3 , -1 and so on). So you people just go and sleep in there for 6 hours and then, as you get zero, which is more than -3, you get into an IIT.

Dont you think that is a cruel joke with us, who work hard, get more marks than you, and still not get what we deserve?

About the marriage thing, that has nothing to do with govt policies, it wont change until the people change, but i sure as hell know that reservation in work and education wont change those people at all, that will be a cruelity to people who work harder and still lose and those people are the ones, who never dicriminated anyone the the basis of caste, ever.also, it is a disgrace that the students in the highest IAS posts or in the best IITs are the ones who actually got less marks, but got a higher rank than the ones who actually scored good and deserved that college.

What i know is no one wants to give away the reservation they get for free, the govts dont care unless you as a majority vote for them , its just that we dont get what we deserve, even if we never discriminate with anyone. And the best scientists and researchers of India actually arent the best, they stole that post from a more deserving candidate , which will eventually cause a loss to our country as a whole.

If you want it to be fair, leave the advantage that reservation gives you and then get the same rank and college. Can you do that?

ANd considering the population of India, if 2 people get the same marks in an exam, and one is general and the other SC/ST, the rank difference is in millions. You dont let us get what we deserve.

What do you want to say about that?

We have that in AMERICA too. In a sense. My wife’s mom was middle class. I was poor. She kick her daughter out at 15. I protect her daughter; who lived in bad poverty, one day. I save her from some bad people.

We try marry. Her mom walk up in front of preacher at wedding & tell mi off in front of everyone. Our whole marriage she tell me off endlessly till she finally convince my wife I’m a failure when I’m sick. Now I’m divorced. I saved her; but I’m trash. In divorce I even lost all I had before marriage. I had no lawyer. Now I have no home.

that iit fact is true, u people can literally sleep, and as there is no question attempted, u pass as u havent gotten negative marks, it happened in 2013 or 2014 i guess, its a disgrace on the prestige of Indian Institute of technology

and i agree, scs and sts misuse their rights a lot, so they r not the victims they pretend to be all the time

plus, for intercaste marriage, govt should do something stronger against honour killing and khap panchayats which cause these, and people should be educated to accept others. Reservation is not the solution to these things, its a big discrimination in itself