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For the boys

Hey, I want to ask u boys, what can we girls do for you guys to stay interested? And by this I mean on messages. Bcs, there's literally this guy on my school two years older than me that I thought it was cute, and I wanted to meet him bcs uk he looked really nice, and yea he actually is, I texted him, bcs I'm so shy in public that I just couldn't talk to him and I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't like it too, but yea I texted him and he answered back and stuff, anyways, it's always me that texts first and then when the subject we were talking about ends up he still doesn't get another conversation or subject, ik that it was me that started all the conversation but I think he doesn't want anything, or maybe yes, maybe it's just me that doesn't know how to keep the guy interested, or doesn't know how to continue the conversation.. Idk it's a lot on my head rn, I just wanna make this worth it bcs this guy it's one of the good one's and I don't wanna waste time.. However, our last conversation was,

good year - me

happy new year - him

There's was fireworks near to ur house? - me

Yes but not that much, and where u live? - him

A lotsss - me

I mean, I wanted to say something more but I didn't knew what to say, on the others conversations I always asked for my bsf for help but in this one I wanted to be myself uk, new year new things, and not more spamimng my bsf abt what to answer in every single message ahah, but he just left me on read, ik it's not a big deal, but I don't wanna loose him but I don't know how I can make that possible, anyways, I just wanna know u guys answer to that question in the beginning. This text is omg so complicated ahah I'm on my overthinking time I'm sorry. And ty if u read all this.

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Re: For the boys

hey, I’m not a boy, I’m lesbian and non-binary though so maybe I can help a little bit? I know my situation may be different.

however, Ive been through kind of the same thing and in my story, I was similar to the guy you’re talking to.

there was this girl trying to get closer with me and it wasn’t that interested at the time. It’s Not that I wasn’t interested in her but I just needed time to myself if that makes sense?

I think you should leave him be and let him figure himself out for a little longer. And maybe he might decide to message you and might show more interest, if that makes sense?

if that doesn’t work and he doesn’t text first at all, then I say stop trying to contact him. Don’t waste your time on him.