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For Yutaka

No much time left..

My heart is wondering, my mind is wandering.

My eyes is pouring and my hands are shaking..

Why does each time I remember our happy memories, I felt the sadness?

I miss you..


I miss you everyday, each time, each minute and even a second.

I wanna feel the warmth of your embrace, your lips and your smell..

How can I forget you when you leave?

I always think that I can go on with my life when you leave and prepare my self for that time,

but .. each time passes by, i am scared.. not because you're leaving soon.. but because I don't know how to forget you..

even reminiscing our days, those times and places keeps my heart crying.

I hope i can say this in front of you and let you know how I feel..

I'm afraid not.. i'm scared that if I tell you this, you will just smile and say "it's okay, you can find someone better."

while the truth is that someone that I really wanted is YU (you)

I miss you so much.....