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Forced Sex U Football

AKA Florida State. For yrs here’s how they recruited. Take recruits to strip clubs. Hand them money.

Again. This was a nowhere backwater school that road the new ESPN to fame & riches.

When Jamies Rapist Winston was leading them to a Nati, some third rate reporter looked for background on him.

A local cop tatted him out. We all found out how they ran stuff. We found up this strip club crowd used date rape drugs. If a victim came out of it; & realized she was being raped, everyone covered it up.

Multiple victims had went to the school counselor. One had tried to goto the cops. She was sent to the hospital. Massive evidence of rape was found. Along with the rapist DNA. She knew it was a FSU player. They showed her no team photos.

Her friends saw a drug put in her drink. And FSU players carrying her out to a cab. Bar cameras caught it all. A cab driver would remember.

She woke up. Begged the rapist Winston; that cowardly POS, who would run from a real man, refused to stop. One of his creature friends was filming the rape.

Rather than the cops investigating. They called & warned the coaches. The coaches turned a lawyer loose. He made sure the phones were wiped. Coached them on lies.

The girl assumed the cops were actually searching for the rapist; instead of eating doughnuts.

She saw her rapist in the hall. Got his name. Went to the cops. Again they did nothing. A lot of important people are above the law. He could throw a ball so rape is OK.

Corrupt men in the media heard about the rape. Half that vote is off field behavior. Every man who voted for him does not care about women.

Instead of calling him out they defended him. Took shots at all the other top athletes. Disgusting.

But things have changed. A lot of people watch football now. Women. Men like me. We pushed back on the corrupt media & Forced Sex U. Women reporters started writing about it. Men like me backed them up.

Now the rats at that school had a light on them. They now decided Jamies could no longer steal crab legs. The cops arrested him for that. Rape OK. Stealing food not. Good message for boys. But hey we’ve seen cops can shoot unarmed autistic children without punishment; so we know justice depends on who’s involved.

He still led them to a Nati. Won that Heisman. Got drafted high. Earned a lot of $ from the Bucs. No one cared enough about her. Until “we” unite & force change; this will always happen.

But dad’s still put his jersey on their boys. I boycotted the Bucs. I still rarely watch Forced Sex. They had a harder time recruiting. Their players didn’t try as hard with their dirty tricks under scrutiny. Their HC slinked away to Texas A&M for much more $. As long as he wins what went on under his watch doesn’t matter. But football is not unique. When I was younger an NBA team raped some 11 yr olds. Got away with it.

But I see hope. We are actually seeing corrupt movie directors & actors held accountable. That’s only happening because we are making it happen. If we keep going; the day will come where rapist like Jamies Winston fear us; & would get run out of sports.