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He grabs her by the waist , pulls her in , looking into her emerald like eyes , he gently kisses her luscious lips. Pushes her against the wall as they kiss more passionately. He moves his hand on to her perfect ass and grabs it hard whilst he sucks and bites on her lips. His other hand playing with her silk like her , he grabs her hair from the back , pulls her neck gently and kisses her neck. Grabs her ass harder as he sucks and bites on her neck , leaving a trail of hickeys , marking her as his. He takes a pause , gazing into her pretty green eyes , he swiftly turns her around , sways her hair and kisses the back of her neck , moving his way upto her ear and gently biting her earlobe . He presses his hard cock against her ass while he rubs her thigh and cups her tits from behind, turns her head towards her and aggressively kisses her whilst tightening his grip on her neck. She turns around and aggressively kisses him and unbottens his shirt , caressing his broad shoulders and abs. He lifts her up in his arms and lays her on the bed and ties her hands above her head. He tears her top and blindfolds her with it. He dips his fingers in nutella and makes her lick it off his fingers, he leans in and French kisses her , tasting it from her mouth , "mmm it tastes so much better like this" he exclaims!! He traces her bare skinny body gently with his fingers dipped in nutella , while she is blindfolded and tied up , unable to move. Starting from the waist he gently starts licking slowly , pushes her down firmly on the bed as she arches her back and moans softly in pleasure , coming up slowly and gently, he circles his tongue around her nipples and suck on them. He slips his hand down in her panties and rubs her clit as he sucks and bites on her nipples. Arching back in pleasure , unable to move , she moans in pleasure , right when she moans he aggressively kisses her , and slides his fingers in her tight wet pussy and finger fucks her hard , he wants her to moan inside him!

He pulls his fingers out and licks it and whispers in her ear "you taste so fuckin good!"

He takes off her blindfold , kisses her aggressively and pins her down , holding her neck. He comes down kissing every inch of her perfect body , spreads her legs wide open and kiss her inner thighs , moving his way near her pussy , gradually licking off the nutella , teasing her , whilst the other hand caressing her other thigh. He licks her pussy from over her underwear and gives her a sly smirk, he then takes her panties off with his mouth while making eye contact with her. He licks her pussy a couple of times and comes up and French kisses her , giving her a taste of herself. He pins her down and goes down on her again. He licks her clit whilst slowly moving his fingers on her body, he pulls her in and grabs her tits and slides his tongue in her tight wet cunt , and moves it in a circular motion. He grabs her tits harder while he stretches the walls of her pussy with his tongue. He sucks on her clit, caress it with his tongue. He lays on the bed and makes her sit on his face , and eats her pussy. He spanks her ass while he tongue fucks her , he moves his tongue faster and goes deeper , feeling her cunt get wetter on his tongue. He spreads her ass and spanks it again , and grabs her by her waist , her body trembling in pleasure, she arches in pleasure and moans his name as she cums in his mouth.