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hey guys!

So I was thinking today and then the topic of forgiveness came into my head because I was looking at so many people making mistake That came from cancellation. I do understand why people are canceling other people for of the past but I am also kind of feeling bad for the people who are getting cancelled. Like I get it these kids have done mistakes in the past but they’re still kids and as kids we make mistakes. The important thing is that we grow from it that we learn from it and we don’t repeat it. If those so-called influencers i’ve made mistakes in the past and apologized for it, I think we should forgive them. We don’t necessarily have to forget but we can forgive it and if they make mistakes again or repeating those same mistakes or do not sound as genuine we can call them out on it but we don’t have to show hate we just called them out in a respectful way were they would also want to try to understand. If they don’t understand at the end of the day what we’re trying to tell them then that’s the point where we can just block them we don’t even have to say anything but block them.

I feel like when we cancel those who have made mistakes or showed hate then only just as bad as the one we show hate towards them but doesn’t just make us hypocrites. But I do see when people are canceling adults when they have made mistakes as they were adults. I agree with canceling them then because they were not children they were full-grown adults who made these decisions themselves when they were probably exposed with people who have different opinions then them, the more respectful opinions. But yet again I do believe in self showing them hate we can unsubscribe we can block them we unfollow them we shouldn’t even give them views. This is just my opinion. I understand others may have different opinions and I respect them. Let me know what you guys think.