Forgiveness of sins of Bishops/priests.

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Forgiveness of bishops sins.

I catered to a very small church of 15-20 peoples as a priest/bishop. I sinned against the prohibited sins in the Bible for long years. Now I (64) have given up every bad pursuit. Will God almighty forgive me?

I started preaching in 2001 and continued till 2018 before being indirectly ousted in December, 2018. Basically I was illicitly involved in a relationship with sister of a very pious priest from 1997 to 2001 appx. Then I wanted to marry wife of my deseased

elder brother with whom also I was involved in a illicit relationship since 1980. I always felt sorry and never enjoyed my relationship after the demise of my brother in 2001. Even though I enjoyed preaching initially later I did not relish as I was preaching from earlier sermons or taking help from net sermons or so e other books.

I continued to have illicit relation with my sister in law. In 2015 I marry off my niece. (sister in law's daughter). Two-three years later the father in law (now a very pious priest referred to above) & my niece's husband asked me not to get married. Even though I did not get married but I continued to have illicit relations with my sister in law. I told her that father in law of niece and her husband had asked me not to get married. She said that she will talk to them but she never did, although she gives them much respect.

People even relatives/priests/bishops are wishing me Good Morning and not Praise the Lord as they did earlier.

I asked one of my sister in law's sister to wish me as Praise the Lord. But she said it is better to abide by what God says then what men says (Acts).

Now the pious priest and his Mrs. asked me to come to their place. I am fearful as to what they will say/do.

The pious priest once said on whatsapp that he can tell what he wants. I asked him than what he will do will be righteous thing. This happened some 1 1/2 years ago. Now he/his Mrs. are asking me to come home.

I am a retired person (64) my sister in law is also (64 appx.). I fear he may ask me to do/accept an awkward thing. My Church which ordained/consecrated me said in 2017 that their Synod do not interfere in the Administration of a church/diocese.

Please pray and advice URGENTLY. AMEN.

C S Porter