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I’ve always been told I was a bit messed up in the head. I have never been a nice person either. I was always angry or sad. I went to private school for four and a half years. I remember in second grade I met my best friend. She was so kind and understanding. She showed me how to be kind and forgiving. She fixed me, so I fixed my family. I was closer to my siblings and parents. Everyone was happy. Whenever we were picked on we stood up for each other. She was the greatest friend I’ve ever had. Of course I had a few other friends but she was my best friend. In fourth grade my parents told me I was going to public school. It was like my world fell apart. I said my goodbyes over spring break and my best friend promised to contact me. I started public school after spring break. Every day I waited for her to call me. I waited and waited for months. I refused to move on. Then, in fifth grade I realized I was never going to see her again. I had been forgotten. My best friend forgot me. I was engulfed in anger and hate. I changed back. I became meaner and eventually depressed. I didn’t trust anyone and I didn’t make friends. They would just leave me alone too. So I created a voice in my head and spoke to her. For three years I heard this voice. It told me not to think negative thoughts or hurt myself. Two weeks ago the voice disappeared and now I don’t even know if I can trust myself.

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Re: Forgotten?

your not messed up in the head you dealt with people who did not respect you had a good understanding friend at your side who comprehended why and treated you right. you don't need people to misunderstand you or put you down you need people dont forget they end up having other things going in there lives