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"Fortnite Kid"

I get bullied by all my school friends for playing a game called Fortnite because im in highschool and apparently thats to old to play a "child" game when there are thousands of professional players in their 16-25 years old who actually make money off the game. I try to avoid them while online then they question me the next day. so when i have to play with them and i get bored of it games such as Gta V, Call of Duty Warzone, they are always "oh i bet your going to play Fortnite aren't you?" and they call me "a Fortnite Kid" im 15 years old.

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Re: "Fortnite Kid"

Don't listen to your "friends" if they bully you for your harmless interests. Play the games you like, and if anyone questions you about it, have confidence and tell them about how you like the game / games you play. Life becomes much more fun once you stop listening to the opinions of idiots.