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Found each other but not meant to be...

I am 37 years old and in a 13 years same sex relationship. It was a year ago when I met someone who is 13 years younger that me... We became friends and until I fell inlove... more inlove... At the beginning I knew we felt the same, I even told her what I feel about her and she said she care about me, then I proposed to her to be my girlfriend but she refuses because I'm with someone else. So, everything went the same, we text, go out but later on she suddenly changed. Until after a month I found out that she had a boyfriend. Though she is already in a relationship, we are still talking and seeing each other. My feelings doesn't change until now, I'm even falling more inlove with her even though I know she doesn't love me the same way I do to her.. I always say I LOVE YOU to her and she does also, though that I LOVE YOU from her means different... To honest I want her to break up with her boyfriend, but not because I want her to come to me, I just don't want her to be with someone else. Seeing her with someone breaks my heart so bad..