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Found love, but lost myself

I never thought I was the kind of person who will choose love over career.

Maybe effect of pandemic.

I quit my job (work from home, since pandemic) just because I prefer to cuddle with my partner and make her happy, do anything she needs. Her job during those time were postponed so she was just always at home.

Now her job resumes and I am left here alone, with nothing to do.

I told her this pandemic affected me that I can't concentrate. I have mental illness so she actually has no problem with me taking a break.

But sometimes I just feel really empty. Where did my aspirations go?

We just had our 1st anniversary as couple. Not married (not legal on out country). But I am pretty sure this thing we have is for real. We are both stick to one. We fight but we understand each other so we make up fast.

I am a woman.

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Re: Found love, but lost myself

Hi hun it's OK we all go through this xxx Take a look at some qualifications and potential jobs and start thinking about what you really want. I'm a girl doing an engineering degree and masters because I felt like you did after getting married and wanted to towards something. Find yourself lovely you're still there and can have love as well as a career and life satisfaction ❤️xxxx