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Freaking help help

I don't know if I will get any college or not . I studied hard and got good marks in boards but i didn't attend any coachings and i am freaking now . I want to do btech with cs branch .

I don't know what's their for me in future .I am freaking out . I am unable to control my emotions .

I studied hard jee mains September attempt but due to panic attack I couldn't do physics questions and now my percentile is only 80 .

Will i get any cfti or any other college.

I also gave upsee but I am only getting 308 marks according to answer keys .

Now I am forgetting whatever I have studied in these two years and now there is another exam in November AMUEEE .

I don't know if I should study for it or I should study computer science as I want to be prepared for my btech .

I am in dilemma and my family and friends are just not helpful. They think that I am just acting.

I am very very very panicky right now.

But even my sister don't want to talk to me .

I am feeling lonely.

I wasted my whole childhood studying and now i am still here without any secured future .

What use of all this studying ??

If entrance exams are everything , then why schools are teaching all these things . They should teach only to crack these exams.

I don't know what will happen to me in future .

I am just disappointed of myself.

But I did my best every time.

Then why I am not getting good marks in these entrance.

Help help help me