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well even though it’s anonymous idrc.Mine name is ava and I wanna share something that really changed my life, I was friends with this girl I’ll call her molly me and molly did everything together he’ll from sleepovers to me damn near living with her. We have been friends since preschool now where in the 5th grade;) at this point we haven’t talked in a day so u wasn’t to worried abt it but then it turned into a week I asked her mom and she looked me dead in my eye and walked away. So I was confused asf like wtf did I do but I got paranoid and everything so I went to the social worker and I was crying and balling my eyes out bc I really loved her molly was my sister she did everything for me so I told her what was going on and there is this just dead silence in the fucking room and I look at her and she just starts crying so i’m confused and she comes sits by my and explains that......molly killed herself. I laughed in a funny way but as like No like your funny ash like stop fucking with me type shit and I asked how (i’m not saying how she did it personal reasons) I was shocked and I almost did it bc there was so much regret and pain and so much shit going on with me but there was light at the end of the day I was shocked at what I was shocked at what I saw...I went to my window and there was a very bright blue butterfly:,) I cried so hard because her fav topic was just butterflies she would always talk abt them and she specifically adored blue butterflies the only thing I could think of is “I know it’s you flap twice if it’s you please”. It flapped it’s wing fucking twice so I freaked out 💀and flicked it anyway and it stayed in one place in the air and then flew away. I still to this day miss her so much I’ll never forget her but i’m glad that there was a sign that her spirit if still here with me and if your reading this and your having a hard time with you friend weather your mad there mad txt then call them do whatever you can just to talk to you enjoy and cherish every.single.moment. they love you and I love you ❤️God bless

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*Not in a funny way*

*so I wasn’t to worried abt it*

this is autoCorrect sorry I know it’s like super bad I have my audio correct on so anything that I says like not used to it it like corrects it so whatever I just wrote down is what I read that didn’t make sense so I wrote it down so if you guys get confused I’m terribly sorry it’s my AutoCorrect so I just wrote this down so that way when you guys scroll down you see it again you guys will know that I corrected myself:)