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I have a crush on my best friend. We’re both boys. He’s flirty but idk if I’m reading the situation wrong. He told me he came out 2 years ago but Idk if it’s changed now. I don’t think we have the confidence to do anything. I’m trying my hardest but I don’t have the guts to tell him. Not that he will fall out with me but I just think he will be awkward.

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Re: Friend

Why dont you try and ask him if they have a crush on someone. Flirt back and try to get him to like you back.

Try and confess to him by giving slight hints and then tell him bluntly one day. Even if you are rejected, the feeling of getting it off you chest would be amazing. There could be a chance that he would be wiling to give you a chance

And for heavens sake dont do what i did: I confessed to my crush (we both are girls but i am more on the boyish side so leave it be) and then ran away before hearing anything she had to say.

also there was a cat there and she was deathly afradi of cats and i left here there alone so now, even if she was ok with it, she still hates me.

dont do what i did...

And confess, i believe in you!!!