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friend dating a practical adult

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(i'm fourteen,)my friend is poly and in a relationship with someone their age (14, both are fourteen) and the last person who is 17. i think that's creepy and predatory. thwy said it was an okay relationship because the sevebteen year old said they looked through the legality of the relationship and that it is okay unless it gets sexual. and i don't care if it's legal, literal abuse can be considered legal if a parent claims it's their form abuse (in America at least, it's super normalized to hit your kid as punishment). just because something is legal doesn't mean it's okay. i told them i thought this was creepy, and that i was concerned. but that it was none of my business. they said it truly wasnt and that i shouldn't be worried. an that i can express my worries. what worries wpuld i not have?? YOU a fourteen year old, along with another fourteen year old. are DATING, a seventeen year old. this seventeen year old call you both gross pet names, and has already started saying that they loved you. you started dating JUNE 6. this seventeen year old is turning eighteen, THIS. YEAR. the other person in your relationship dated them before, started May 22, sure it's longer but crank yup i love you's pet names and creepy behavior WAY up. ANY seventeen year old WILLING, MORE THAN WILLING, to date two 14 year old's, one technically being THIRTEEN, IS CREEPY. no normal seventeen year old wants to date a practical child unless it's for ill intentions. now, why am i NOT worried?? this person lives close enough to get to our town within under 5 hours. long drive, but easy enough. i feel bad that i'm so mad at them for even considering a relationship like that. but i can't not be. i'll feel for them if something bad happens, but not much. we talk about things like that CONSTANTLY, an yet you fall into it without hesitation because you're lonely after your boyfriend broke up with you? again, i feel for them. but i'm furious. i know it's bad, but i'm admitting i won't try and fix it.

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