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i'm a very quiet and shy person, so I've only ever had a handful of people i seriously considered as friends over the years. Because of the pandemic, I've grown to realize how fickle and weak the relationships i had with them really were. one month into community quarantine, things were going alright. we were chatting a few times every week, having the occasional video call and all that stuff. two months, we start talking less and less. five months, i stop talking to 5 of them entirely. at thispoint, I've only been talking to three people on and off. my country's been in lockdown for nearly a year now, and I've only been talking with one person. not saying I'm not grateful for that one person though. I'm very grateful for them taking the time out of their day to talk to me, but it just hurts me that people i considered to be close friends drifted away so quickly. maybe it's because I suck at conversing and interacting with others. anyways that's it lmao

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