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Hiii, well I'm new at this. I don't know how to write a blog but today I'm just want to share something so I decide to write here. FRIEND this word is very important to me at a time now no more. I have learnt many lessons from it. Well, it's really hard to apart from those who is very dear to you. But sometimes you have to make a strong decision which you can't even imagine for your own good or doing the right thing in the worst time.

And sometimes even if we made the decision still you can't accept but u have to accept. Time goes on, things will be change and then when you meet those people after a long long time you will be happy but no the same way which you had. You don't feel the joy and happiness that you had before. You would try to make your feelings just like before but you can't, that's the awful moment in your life and it hurts the most.