Friends are hard.

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I can't talk to my real life friend

They're going too hate me, I can't just go away for a half a year without replying to them to just coming back. I should have just been there.

I only talk to my online friends, I feel like I can be myself, but also I can't.

Half my friends I can't be myself around, and I'm just awkward and boring.

There is only about 2 people I can be myself around, and one hates me.

The other has a best friend, and only ever replies in one word.

One of my friends fell in love with me.

I don't feel the same way but I told them I did.

I just wanted to feel loved.

And they have so much pain, so so much pain.

I felt like if I rejected them, they would just go back into deep depression.

But honestly I can't even be myself around them.

I don't even know who my true self is.

I'm always hiding it, I'll just ruin everything.

I'm getting an F in history.

When my parents find out they'll be so disappointed.

They'll disown me.

I'll never be loved by them again.

They're going to take everything away from me.

They'll never trust me again.

I can't do it.

I just can't

I can't do it

I don't know why I even try

They won't be proud of me either way.

I should just give up

I think I'm in love

But he hates me

I love someone else.

But I can't even be myself around him.

I'm too nervous.

When I do be myself around him he thinks I'm funny.

But I can't be myself around him 1 on 1.

He's 3 years older than me.

I don't know why I honestly thought he would like me.

I will never confess to anyone.

I know I'll just get my heart broken.

Why do I even try.

Please help me

I spend my days crying, because everyone has a best friend

But not me.

I don't talk in the group chat as much as I used too.

Everyone is so intimidating after he joined.

Everyone likes him, no one likes me.

I make alt accounts just to troll my friends I'm too scared to be myself around and be myself around them, so they don't know its me.

They seem to like my alt accounts more than my main

But I'm too scared to be myself.

All I want is to have someone to hold me and never let me go.

And tell me they care about me the same way I do about them.

I can't make real life friends.

They'll just judge me on how I look

I have social anxiety

I'm too scared to call people

But I want too

Once someone accidentally added me too a call.

Everyone was so nice.

They were funny

But then they realized that I was the wrong person once I spoke.

I left

But when I was there I was happy

I felt loved and I felt like I wasn't forgotten.

Even though I didn't know them.