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in the beginning of the summer with everything going on i decided to become closer friends with someone who lived in my neighborhood. i already was friends with her but we lived really close together we saw each other almost every day. i wanted to just enjoy the summer with her and not really be friends with her after wards but while seeing her everyday i started to almost love her in a friend way but i didn’t want that to happen because i knew school wouldn’t work because she gets straight as and i barely pass but we did virtual school together and i started trying to stop being friends with her so no one got hurt because she also started to become friends with the other people we did school with. now i have a “best friend” who is nice but i don’t necessarily like her. i had never really liked people in my house back when i was friends with the first person but i was more comfortable with it when i became friends with the second person and she invited me to go the beach for an entire week and that was before i really knew her so i said yes, but now i am regretting it because she isn’t my favorite person. when she came over to my house she wanted to play with my sister to the point that even my sister doesn’t like her and she was scared of my dad, constantly told me how messy my room was even though she wasn’t supposed to be in there and didn’t want to help clean up. when i went to her house i didn’t do any of these, she also acts like my parents have no rules but also act scared of her parents. either way the only reason i am still friends with her is because she invited me to the beach and i feel bad being mean because that’s a big thing and also because she is currently one of my only friends. the reason that was important was because i miss the old friend but i was a bitch to her and she has no reason to want to be friends with me. and i forgot to mention her and my new friend are friends.

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