Friends with my ex

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Her and I were high school sweethearts and dated our entire senior year. She helped me through the darkest times in my life and helped me realize who I am and what i want in life. After a full year and some months of deep hearted love with zero arguments or fights she broke up with me but i knew it would be best for the both of us since we began to have less time for eachother. She still wanted to be best friends and remain in eachothers lives. I took the breakup very hard and after about a month I came over to her house and it was just like old times, we laughed, told stories, and watched tv. I cant get over how much i wanted to kiss her and have sex with her but i feel if i tell her that i would ruin the good relationship we have. I want to move on really badly so i can have sex with whoever i want but i cant get her out of my mind...

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