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Friendship is complicated too

Okay so me n my best friend(h)are together for last 12 yrs n we stayed together for almost 2 yrs n we had a small group of friend nd from that group i started dated one guy n while he was with me he slept with my other frnd(s) from that same group n obviously i stopped taking to both of them but my best friend(h) still talk to that friend(s)who slept with my bf.

Now what should i do?

Should i break my 12 yr long friendship or am i overreacting?

Pls help.

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Re: Friendship is complicated too

What do you feel is right? Do it. Fuck what they think better yet screw your friends man for revenge.

T bag his balls make him fall in love.

You shouldnt be mad at her. Be mad at your man. He was with her. Your friend is innocent. Your man rode that pony not your friend.


Guys understand I'm angry at both of them my frnd n my ex bf.. but the thing is im feeling more betrayed from my best friend side who is still taking to that girl who slept with my ex bf...

And the most imp thing my best frnd only told me that my ex bf n that girl slept together


My best advice is to put yourself in your friends shoes. Ill use a real life example. I was dealing with a DJ in town, I was in love with him, God rest his soul. He passed recently, I sent my friend a picture of him she said "Omg, thats my friends man". Do I think she told her Idk. Was I mad yes. Was I so blinded by love I stayed with him yes. My friend cherished my friendship also her other friend. It would have been unfair of me to say to her pick a side. I did that too in the moment and almost lost a 20 year friend back then. I would ask you to continue to be her friend its not her fault. When hes long gone she will be there. I dealt with that man from 2013-2019 and did not know he was married to the other girl until he died. Had he told me I would have dropped his ass and he knew it. Thus why he did not. Im sure she didnt know about me either she was gullible like me working crazy ass night shifts. We werent committed just off and on. Moral of the story its HIM not your friend.