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From the deepest part of my heart,

I just love Johnathan so much. I hope that he is always safe. There are times that I worry because I don't want him to feel that there's no one who understands him. I want to help him if he is sad but he won't open up deeper things to me. All that i can do is support him and pray for him. I am sorry if there are times that I don't chat much, it only means that I am hurt, like I just need space to heal. I am not mad at you, I just needed space.

Sorry if there are times that I cry out of nowhere like now lol. I just love you. I don't chat it anymore to you because we are just friends. There are also times that I just want to hug you like really bad and hope that will tell how much you mean to me.

No matter how many times we argue about things, I can't stay upset to you because it hurts me too.

At this point, I am trying to be more independent, I am also trying to love myself more and heal. I hope that's what you do too. Fudge, I can't stop crying lol. I love you still and I always do.