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Ok. So I came here to vent a little. Please excuse any nasty words that I may say but I am just so damn upset. The reason why is because I'm sick of guys only seeing me as a sex object. They never ask to see pictures of my face or compliment me on my smile or eyes, no, the only thing they want to see are tit pics. And yes I know it's completely normal for a guy to want to see a girl's tits. But just because I have breasts that grew into a size 44DD this seems to make them think they can treat me as like I'm some kind of porn star or something. I tell them no that I don't want to send them pics or no I don't want to have sex but they just keep bugging me! I'm not their damn cum dump! Most of the guys are already in relationships too and it's not right. Guys never ask me if I would like to go to dinner or something fun like a real date. They just want to come over at my house usually late at night and get off or try to get off if I say no, and then they leave. It actually hurts my feelings. I know they don't care. It's almost like they want what they can get from me with no effort and leave. Or they want me to give them a blowjob and sometimes I do it and then they keep coming back for more because they say that it's the best blowjob they ever got and they like me doing it because I don't mind swallowing. I've started taking up for myself recently though. I started saying no!