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I'm getting so frustrated. I'm 26 and I still live with my family. They have some weird issues which drive me insane. One week they treat me like an adult, and the next week they're micromanaging everything and telling me that I can't do what I want on my day off of work until I do what they want. When someone is off of their nerve pills, sometimes I get yelled at and insulted for no reason. The last time, I got yelled at for saying I wanted to go to the movies. I like my job, but I can barely afford a studio apartment and a lot of landlords wouldn't even show me their tiny apartments once I told them my net income. Even though I'm attending an online college, I can't seem to get a better job. I don't mean to whine too much because I know a lot of people are worse off, but it's so hard to talk to people about this because on the outside my life looks great. And it would be if my family would stop acting crazy. I feel so trapped at times.