Frustrated with today's Work From Home Mentality

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I wanted to write this on my linkedin or other social media platforms, but am hesitant because of backlash or those trolls that like to throw today's "Emotional Intelligence" verbal diarrhea at you.

I've been an independent consultant for 3 years now so I'm fully immersed in the WFH (work from home) setup that Covid has brought most of the world to. And I wanted to state that just because your staff are now working from home doesn't mean you can all of a sudden use that as excuse to do away with customer service.

I started working in 1996. Pre-smart phone etc. At that time I had a 4 minute SLA (service level agreement) with the clients at my work. This mean from phone call to being onsite to look at the issue we had 4 minutes. However, in today's world where we ALL have smart phones on our hip, getting back to someone via phone, email or text has become the norm.

BUT, since Covid and regular customer service desks are now working remote, I find it HARDER to get a hold of someone. Yes, I understand you're at home and perhaps the kids are pulling at your leg or you have other extenuating circumstances to deal with, but days and days before returning an email or a phone call? Like REALLY?