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Why do I want to be with women but have a boyfriend That I love and am super jealous of other women at the same time. I have a fucking problem and I feel sick about myself. We tried to be open but he would check out women and comment which is characteristic I wouldn’t have imagine in him if that happened. I found a girl venting to him about her anxiety and him venting to other woman as well as flirting with the women he vented to. He vented to my lesbian close friends and they have now formed a bond and I am just the piece of shit because I was open about liking women but now am not wanting a open relationship. He wanted nothing apparently and I cried when I came out to him but was wanting to do stuff as he vented to my friend? He was paying for and talking to some girl from the only fans as he said I was the sexiest girl and the only one he had his eyes on yet he’d been watching her jack off on the daily? Wtf why be infatuated with someone when I would’ve sent the same videos. After discussing the ordeal he wants me to send him shit but all I think about is the girl he had been watching in the daily.