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Fuck biased humans

I am so sick of My father , and I want to put money on his head, along with my brother, and all their affiliates who support them, on the surface I might sound like a delusional psychopath, but every action has a reaction a cause and effect, this is what caused!.

As a child growing up the younger of 2 siblings myself and faggot aka big brother, I noticed from a young age that things would always go in favour of him, if we were to achieve accomplish or do something ambitious , my father and mother would be right there to support him, however when I would look up to him because he is the "older" one I would be ridiculed as a fellow fashion and talked down and even ignored sometimes, in other words my childhood was totally different in many ways ,all j wanted was to feel accepted as part of team a family. the support you give your children goes a long way , even into adulthood, failure to do so results in unimaginable pain in the form of never feeling good enough, and dampening your creative spark for success in life which ties in with a ocean of depression and stress, I have reached the point of no reconciliation, they must be permanently removed from the face of the earth and I must be the rightful bearer of all things that they have acquired in this life, because it is my right, after going through all my life as the lowest last liked, never to accomplish anything good, no good, jail bird, weed smoking, gangster that you labelled me as , I hate you henry family and when it's all said and done I will have the last say and the last laugh FUCK YOU ALL FROM THE DEEPEST BOTTOM OF MY HEART,, DIE SLOWLY IN ANTAGONISING PAIN

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Re: Fuck biased humans

Hey..I can kinda relate to your situation..my parents gave more attention to my elder brother cuz, he's smart ,handsome, responsible..my mum gave all the attention to him since childhood..so that kind of affected me in many ways like I developed attention seeking behaviours which affected my school life my relationship with every person I met outside home..it was out of my control then..but now I have learnt not to give a damn about my parents cuz I started understanding myself..it's too painful to even think about that our own family doesn't value us..achieve big live your life your own way and don't give a fuck about them..